Meeting Forvo editors: pleitecas

October 6, 2009
Pleitecas, spanish editor. Q: A little bit about you. A: My name is Pedro. I'm an almost retired spaniard looking for developin my hobby, my comunication skills. I love nature and peace. I studied Geography. I'm sure we can be happy together if we are able to understand each other. We need a tool in order to traslate our feelings! I'm able to understand Spanish and written English, France and Italian, and a little bit of Romanian, Portuguese, Russian and Bulgarian. Q: When did you know about Forvo? A: I knew Forvo a year ago when a was looking for Bulgarian pronunciations. Q: What did you like most? A: What I like most is the possibility to record the MP3 pronunciations and listen to them wherever you are, until you are able to remember it. I like to put words together and build up phrases. That is the best! I remember a book  I read when a was only a boy. The author is Ramon J. Sender and the title La tesis de Nancy (Nancy's thesis). The story is about a study trip to Spain of a North American teenager trying to learn Spanish in Sevilla and a young gipsy with his own dialect-language different to regular Spanish as a teacher. Funny. I would like to recommend it all of you.